ALTENDORF, SWITZERLAND, March 13, 2023 – RES GmbH – Ride Engineers Switzerland, an award-winning global leader in design, manufacture, and installation of amusement and water rides has appointed London based Deborah Eicher as International Sales & Marketing Director.
Eicher brings over 20 years’ experience in the leisure industry, has an MBA, ICAE and is on the Board of Directors of the IAAPA Foundation. Eicher has operated London based ELC – Eicher Leisure Consultants Ltd., where she worked with suppliers around the globe since 2014.
‘’I’m thrilled to be joining RES and to work with such a talented group,’’ says Eicher. ‘’I’ve known the RES team for many years and the quality and innovation of their products is outstanding.’’
Willy Walser, RES Managing Director and co-owner says ‘’I am very excited that Deborah has joined our team to head up our international sales and marketing. Deborah has the experience we have been looking for to help us build on our recent growth and successes’’. ‘’Deborah is reinforcing our already strong team and is helping to increase our client’s satisfaction,’’ continues Roman Rothe, RES Technical Director and co-owner.
RES has rides for every demographic at theme parks from family rides to thrill seeking rides. RES combines innovation, creativity, and Swiss engineering to create rides that meet modern requirements in terms of efficiency, safety, and design. RES is well established in the industry as a trusted and respected market leader, has installed over 60 rides across 21 countries and has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, and Colombia.

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