Track Race

Interactive Round Ride

The “Track Race” is an interactive round ride and delights with unique riding experiences.

Track Race

The vehicles follow a guide in a rounded triangular shape, while the drive axle underneath is eccentrically laid out. This combination creates a unique driving experience, as both the speed and the distances between the vehicles are changing continuously.

In addition, each individual vehicle can interactively swivel by using a hand wheel. This creates a sliding effect and makes it even more fun.

This technique is especially suitable for “chase themes”, such as: “cat & mouse” or “police & sports car” and of course customized figures.

  • Kids/Family
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Interactive


 Technical Specification
Ride type

Interactive Flat Rides


Ø 16 m

Number of vehicles


Seats per vehicle


Max. vehicle speed

5 m/s

Ride time

90 sec

Load/Unload time

60 sec

Dispatch interval

150 sec

Theoretical capacity

384 pph

Power consumption

45 kW / 90 A / 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Height restrictions

0.95 m accompanied,

1.2 m unaccompanied

All data approx. and subject to change. Ride built according to customers
local standards (DIN/EN, ASTM or GB).

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