Imagine the fog over the crystal ball slowly lifting and revealing your future. A powerful and imposing part of the myth rises up out of iron and steel. With an impressive fire column and a spectacle of light, it magically draws you in and never lets you go. Discover the mysterious world of legendary Greek mythology with a ride on the ORACLE!

RES RIDES’ ORACLE is a family and a thrill ride wrapped into one exciting attraction. The ORACLE is the first ride in the world with three motorized rotary axes and a free axle all guaranteed to deliver nonstop thrill and excitement. With multiple programs the ORACLE delivers either a gentle ride for younger passengers with panoramic views, or a full out thrill experience with countless turns and twists. And to top it off, the ORACLE is available for permanent or transportable installations.

The RES RIDES ORACLE Transportable requires just 16 x 15.5 meters space and reaches a maximum riding height of 12m. The efficient build-up, individual design, and easy transportation makes the ORACLE Transportable an industry winner.

The eye-catching ORACLE will go on tour from spring 2025.