Boat Rides

Sit down & relax

Boat Rides

Take a lazy tour through the park/lake and just relax. Most important on boat rides are the comfort of the boat and this is what we take care of. Our boats are very well balanced and can be delivered with different kinds of drive units:

  • Self-powered
  • Pulled by cable
  • Driven by waterflow

Any of the above-mentioned drive solutions are possible in every layout. We suggest having a self-driven boat.

  • Kids/Family
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Interactive
 Technical Specification

Ride type

Boat Rides – self powered


175 x 120 m

Track length

720 m


1.5 m/s

Number of boats


Seats per boat

Ride time

460 sec

Load/Unload Time

46 sec

Dispatch intervall

46 sec

Theoretical capacity

704 pph

Power consumption

30 kW / 60 A / 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

(with an 8 pers. boat)

All data approx. and subject to change. Ride built according to customers
local standards (DIN/EN, ASTM or GB).

Want to know more about our rides?

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