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Multi Drop Tower, Berlin Dungeon

Standing Drop Tower, Shanghai Dungeon

Drop Tower, The San Francisco Dungeon

Roller Ball S, Schwaben Park

Roller Ball S, Adventureland Long Island NY

Canyon Slide Rapids, Silver Dollar City

Roller Ball M, Prater Vienna

Carousel, Glatt Center

Vertical Dark Ride, Conny-Land

Interactive Observation Tower, LEGOLAND Deutschland

Observation Gyro Drop Tower, Tivoli Friheden

Monorail, E-DA Theme Park

Donnerbalken, Fraispertuis City

Donnerbalken, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

Interactive Boat Ride, LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Interactive Boat Ride, LEGOLAND Malaysia

Boat Dark Ride, Hamburg Dungeon

Boat Dark Ride, Explorado Ostend

Boat Dark Ride, Expo 2008

Boat Dark Ride, The Dungeons London

Boat Ride, Filmpark Babelsberg

Round Boat Ride, Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Round Boat Ride, Star City

Tow Boat, Belantis

Tow Boat, Drayton Manor

Tow Boat, Giroland

Flume Ride S, Terra Mítica

Flume Ride M, Potts Park

Flume Ride M, Al Shallal

Flume Ride M, Skara Sommarland

Flume Ride M, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Flume Ride M, Drayton Manor

Flume Ride XL, E-DA Theme Park

Flume Ride XL, OCT East Knight Valley

Flume Ride XL, Flamingo Land Resort

Flying Carpet, Leofoo Village

Canyon Rapids Junior, Al Hokair

Canyon Rapids Junior, Red Sea Mall

Canyon Slide Rapids, Mall of Arabia

Canyon Slide Rapids, Riyadh Gallery Mall

Canyon Rapids, Fort Fun Abenteuerland

Canyon Rapids, AdventurePark Hellendoorn

Canyon Rapids, Fårup Sommerland

Canyon Rapids, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park

Canyon Rapids, Hunderfossen Adventure Park

Serpent Round Ride, Leofoo Village

Interactive Boat Ride, LEGOLAND California

Interactive Boat Ride, LEGOLAND Germany

Donnerbalken, BonBon-Land

Monorail, Adhari

Roller Ball M / Interactive Water Jumble, Parc Spirou

Interactive Boat Ride / Super Swing M / Family Dual Wheel, Edelwies

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