Family Dual Wheel

Boost-up your kiddy zone with this unique and spectacular ferris wheel including kiddie’s shiny eyes.

Family Dual Wheel

The first family Ferris Wheel with counter-rotating gondola arms that turn against each other during operation. Another highlight is that the passengers not only rotate vertically 360 degrees, but also horizontally 360 degrees several times. This creates a completely new ride experience on a Ferris Wheel.
  •     Two counter-rotating wheels
  •     Vertical and horizontal rotating gondolas
  •     Portable version is also available.
Our portfolio offers a wide option of different TOWER RIDES.
We distinguish between (Multi-) Drop Towers / Observation Towers / Tip Towers / Interactive Towers.
Even combinations are possible.
  • Kids/Family
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Interactive
in cooperation with MSD
Technical Specification

Ride type

Observation Rides


10 m x 10 m

Total height

10 m

Riding height

8 m

Wheel rotating speed

2–7 rpm

Number of gondolas


Seats per gondola


Ride time

180 sec

Load/Unload time

80 sec

Dispatch interval

260 sec

Theoretical capacity

553 pph

Power consumption

12 kW / 25 A / 3 x 400 V

Height restrictions

no height restriction accompanied

0.95 m unaccompanied

All data approx. and subject to change. Ride built according to customers
local standards (DIN/EN, ASTM or GB).

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