Flume Ride L

Efficient & Creative Flume Rides

Flume Ride L

The flume ride L is equipped with 6 or 8 persons boats (3 or 4 seat rows carrying 2 passengers). Every seat has its own single lap bar for the highest safety standards possible. With this kind of ride you can have very steep chutes and a very big splash.

This ride has a high range of different special effects, water street, water tunnel, geysers, wave chutes, …

  • Kids/Family
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Interactive


 Technical Specification

Ride type

Flume Rides


156 x 85 m

Height of lift

5 m / 20 m

Length of course

620 m

Max. speed

20 m/s

Number of boats


Seats per boat


Ride time

280 sec

Load/Unload time

40 sec

Dispatch interval

40 sec

Theoretical capacity

720 pph

Power consumption

250 kW / 500 A / 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

Height restructions

1.05 m accompanied

1.20 m unaccompanied

All data approx. and subject to change. Ride built according to customers
local standards (DIN/EN, ASTM or GB).

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