Gyro Dynamic Tip Tower

Thrilling combination of multiple free falls and tilt movement

Gryo Dynamic Tip Tower

The dynamic tip tower delivers a real free fall feeling while the tower is tilting side to side or back and forth.
The Dynamic Tip Towers are available in three different versions:
  •     Tilting  left / right
  •     Tilting  front / back
  •     Tilting  left / right and front / back
The Dynamic Tip Towers are available with rotating round gondolas (gyro) or straight gondolas DYNAMIC TIP TOWER as well as different heights. All our dynamic tip towers are equipped with individual lap bars for the highest safety standards while giving more freedom to the rider compared to the over the shoulder restraint.
The towers are apt for indoor or outdoor installations. Even semi-portable versions are available.
  • Kids/Family
  • Thrill Seekers
  • Interactive

The Dynamic Tip Tower offers a very dynamic up down and side tiling ride experience. you will experience airtime, breaking g-force and the side tilting in combination with the dynamic up and down motion. A fantastic option for multiple story telling at different levels.

Our portfolio offers a wide option of different TOWER RIDES.
We distinguish between (Multi-) Drop Towers / Observation Towers / Tip Towers / Interactive Towers.
Even combinations are possible.
 Technical Specification
Ride type Tower Rides

9 m x 12 m

Total height 16 m
Falling height

13 m

Speed up 3.5 m/s, down 6 m/s
Tip angle: +-12 degree

Number of gondolas


Seats per gondola


Ride time

60 sec

Load/Unload time

60 sec

Dispatch interval 120 sec
Theoretical capacity 480 pph

Power consumption

130 kW / 260 A / 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Height restrictions

1.05 m accompanied

1.20 m unaccompanied

All data approx. and subject to change. Ride built according to customers
local standards (DIN/EN, ASTM or GB).

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