RES Opens First USA Roller Ball Coaster “Fireball ™” at Adventureland Long Island , NY  

Altendorf, Switzerland (24 June 2022) – Ride Engineers of Switzerland (RES), an award-winning global leader in design, manufacturer and installation of amusement rides is thrilled to announce their first USA installation of their Roller Ball coaster called “Fireball ™” at Adventureland Long Island, NY.

While this is the first installation of its kind in the USA, RES has already installed 4 Roller Balls worldwide since its debut at the EAS 2016 in Barcelona, with the 5th Roller Ball already in production. The popularity of the Roller Ball is no surprise given the innovative design and bogie construction. The result is an extremely smooth, noiseless, and comfortable ride that is enjoyable for the entire family and makes it a ‘’fan favorite.’’

The Roller Ball is a vertical coaster where the passengers experience a swinging sensation due to the acceleration and deceleration, combined with a free fall feeling as the cars pass the vertical curves. This ideal family ride requires a very compact footprint, fitting nearly everywhere in every park, indoor or outdoor attraction. The Roller Ball is available in different shapes and sizes starting with 3 cars carrying 4 passengers each, up to 7 cars for increased ride time, including a double Roller Ball version with doubled capacity. Each installation is designed to include bespoke theming to enhance and create excitement in every location.

To reduce waiting times for riders, all 3 cars move simultaneously. While one car drives up the lift, another car is moving down the track, while the 3rd car is being loaded with new riders. The Roller Ball even includes an integrated lift system built into the ride for routine maintenance to be carried out along the lift

‘’Fireball™’’ is an exciting new ride for Adventureland and will appeal to all age groups and is sure to drive attendance and repeat visits to the park. Not only is it a fun family ride, but it is attractively themed enhancing the parks overall appearance from both inside the park and from afar with bright night-time lights.

‘’We were looking for our first installation of the Roller Ball in the USA, and we are happy that we found Adventureland Long Island as our partner, and they have been a delight to work with.’’ Says Roman Rothe, RES Technical Director.

For more information about RES and their roller coasters, dry rides, water rides and services visit Roller Ball.