RIDE ENGINEERS SWITZERLAND with exciting customer projects in Europe, Asia and the United States

 “Ride Engineers Switzerland”, the Swiss creators and builders of unique amusements rides are now present with customers’ projects in Europe, Asia and the United States. 2020 will be marked with the grand opening of “Mystic River Falls”, a unique water ride project at “Silver Dollar City” in Branson Missouri, US.

The portfolio of large amusement rides projects now includes:

  • Roller Ball, a unique type of a vertical roller coaster. This ride was launched at “Schwabenpark” in 2018. A faster and higher version of this ride has now also been opened to the public in April 2019 at “Parc Spirou” in France.
  • “Shanghai Dungeon” celebrated its opening end of 2018 with a standing drop tower.
  • In “Legoland Günzburg” Germany, the first Interactive Observation Tower with its theming “Balloon Tower” was made available to the public at Eastern in 2019.
  • “Hjertekig” – from the heart – is an Observation Gyro Drop Tower, which is overlooking the scenery of the theme park “Tivoli Friheden” in Denmark since summer 2019.
  • Ride Engineers Switzerland are now building with the Herschend Family Entertainment Corp, the water ride “Mystic River Falls”. These ride is based on the concept of Canyon Slide Rapids and will be launched in Spring 2020 at the theme park “Silver Dollar City” in Branson, Missouri, US.

Our significant launches in 2019

At the beginning of the park season in spring 2019, the following three projects have been successfully launched. They are all today a substantial landmark in the amusement parks, reflecting their unique theming.

“le nid du marsupilami” Parc Spirou, France, opened in Spring 2019The second Roller Ball was opened in France. This ride is higher and faster than the small sister “Wilde Hilde” in Germany and is more than 30 meters in height. The ride experience allows a free fall feeling after every curve.

“Desert X-Cursion” Legoland Günzburg, Germany, opened in Spring 2019

Our first Interactive Observation Tower themed as a Balloon Tower was realised at Legoland Günzburg. After an intensive and exciting planning stage, the ride was opened at Easter 2019. It allows a unique ride over the Pharaohland, a very characteristic landmark of Legoland. The individual control of the balloon allows to reach a height of 9 meters.

“HJERTEKIG”, Tivoli Friheden, Denmark, opened in Summer 2019

This ride, an Observation Gyro Drop Tower, is with its height of 65 meters overlooking the whole city of Aarhus, Denmark. With its heart at the top, it can be illuminated, so it has become the ultimate eye-catcher of the park. This tower offers 2 different types of ride experiences. It can be operated either as a free fall tower for passengers who like the excitement. Or it can be operated as observation tower, where the gondola rotates while going up and down slowly.

The most exciting project for 2020: “Mystic River Falls” for Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri

Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri is a traditional theme park, built in 1880’s style. Silver Dollar City is offering 40+ thrilling rides and live shows. More than 100 resident craftsmen are demonstrating America’s heritage crafts. The internationally awarded theme park Silver Dollar City will celebrate its 60 th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee with a historic splash: a new water ride which will take the themed water experiences to a next level:

  • An 82’ Tall Lift Tower, offering a 360° view, as the rafts will rotate during the climb.
  • More than 6-story elevated River Channel, 180’ long for a travel within the channel for 180 linear feet
  • A grand finale water of 4.5 stories will complete the thrilling adventure.

The ride experience offers 4 phases of travelling: River Rafting, elevation to the tower, scenic 360° park view plus a raft ride drop. This water ride has its singular characteristics also from a technical standpoint. One of them is the tallest raft ride drop in the Western Hemisphere which is 4.5 stories! It also offers a length of 2’100 linear feet (640 Meters) and allows a riding time of 5.5 minutes. The world’s first 4.5 stories platform tower with its vertical lift tower is 82 stories high (25 meters), allowing a 360° view over the theme park and brings a shorter waiting time for passengers. The maximum water flow is around 200,000 gallons per minute (757080 l/min).

With the construction of Mystic River Falls, the theme park also underlines its commitment to the environment. “Showing appreciation and respect to the environment of the Ozark Mountains is one of our long-time hallmarks. With Mystic River Falls, we can combine environment measures while still maximizing ride efficiency”, say Brad Thomas, President of Silver Dollar City Attractions in Branson, Missouri.

For Ride Engineers Switzerland, efficiency in regards to energy consumption and passenger capacity, is a key element for successful rides. “Together with Silver Dollar City and the Herschend Family Entertainment Corp, we engineered the technical lifting system solution for an energy neutral transportation of boats. Maintaining a high capacity which still fulfils every safeguard requirement ensures a carefree day-to-day operation”, says Roman Rothe, Technical Director of Ride Engineers Switzerland.

The ride concept behind Mystic River Falls is Canyon Slide Rapids. The boats have a capacity of 8 people, 18 rafts can be in operation, every 24 seconds one Boat can be dispatched.

About Ride Engineers Switzerland

We develop, design, construct and maintain amusement rides for theme parks. We combine innovation, creativity and smart Swiss engineering. Our rides are built to meet today’s requirements in regards to efficiency, efficacy and safety. We focus on energy-friendly rides and cover every global security standard.

Rides by Ride Engineers Switzerland

Our main expertise is water rides. Our rides are engineered for an easy adoption of every theme park theming. Some rides include also an interactive ride experience.

  • Water Rides: Flume Rides, Rafting Rides, Boat Rides.
  • Dry Rides: Tower Rides, Round Rides, Thrill & Track Rides.

Customer centric

We are a small company and long-time industry professionals. This allows us to be close to our customers, understand their technical needs and fulfil their specific requirement. We are passionate about solving technical challenges with our long-time expertise which covers more than 50 years of combined industry knowledge. Ride Engineers Switzerland is a privately held company, founded in 2016 by Willy Walser and Roman Rothe.

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