Ride Engineers Switzerland got recognized by the industries’ leading organisation for its ride “Roller Ball” during the IAAPA Expo in Orlando.

The send place of the Brass Ring award for the best new product / Attractions for Major Rides, products less than 2Mio” was handed over to Ride Engineers Switzerland today. “To be recognized for the ride “Roller Ball” is for us a strong proof point for our market success,” says Roman Rothe, Technical Director and co-founder of Ride Engineers Switzerland. “It is not only an honour to receive this award. For us, we are so much delighted that the market has replied so well to this ride. The customer projects we already realised speak for the innovative approach we have taken.”

 “Roller Ball” – an innovative roller coaster ride concept, installed at “Schwabenpark” in Germany, “Park Spirou” in France, another project in Vienna / Austria will open in spring 2020

The ride concept “Roller Ball” is one of the most innovative family coasters in the world. The Roller Ball gondola carries up to 4 passengers and is lifted up to 19m, where the gravity run starts. The Gondolas are smoothly decelerated before entering the curve. In the curve, the gondola accelerates nearly free fall down and drives in the other direction. While the Gondola is accelerated and decelerated it swings free side to side, in combination with the gravity run this coaster is a very good ride for any park not only because it has a very small footprint. The whole column and track construction is calculated that without any additional steel construction the whole ride can be themed and covered similar to the renderings.   

About the IAAPA Brass Ring Award
Awarding the Innovation and Unwavering Spirit of Our Industry

Named for the rings given to carousel riders at the very first amusement parks, the IAAPA Brass Ring Award is a symbol of achievement. And just like how a ring is an unbreakable connection, so too are our connections as a community – bringing out the best in one another.
Ride Engineers Switzerland designs, constructs and maintains amusement rides for theme parks. The company was founded in 2016 by Willy Walser (Managing Director) and Roman Rothe (Technical Director).

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