So many prices at this years European Star Awards for Ride Engineers Switzerland!

Europe’s best new coasters 2019

With great pleasure, we were able to accept the price for the 5th place for our first Roller Ball S. The „Wilde Hilde“ is placed in Schwabenpark, Germany – a ride for the whole family! We were happy to hear that this unique drive concept is not only appreciated by the visitors!

Roller Ball S „Wilde Hilde“

Also our second Roller Ball, which is one size bigger than the „Wilde Hilde“, has also won a prize! The 8th place for our Roller ball M named „Le nid de Marsupilamis“ which stands in the park Spirou in France!

Europe’s best new Rides 2019

With our Interactive Observation Tower called Balloon Tower we could win the 10th place in the catergory Europe’s best new Rides. This attractive eye-catcher is a very popular ride for the whole family.

Plenty of joy – an unforgettable journey!

What a joy – now we are looking forward to a successful show in Paris.

Do not miss us and visit us at our booth #4330!