The first Dungeon in Asia opened its doors to the public this September. It is the 10th Dungeon of its kind globally and offers its visitors 10 specifically themed, interactive scenarios, telling the story of the Old Shanghai’s legends and stories. The last scenario is packed with a specific thrill and offers a globally unique ride experience: standing drop ride, designed and constructed by Ride Engineers Switzerland, the first stand-alone tower worldwide.

The standing drop ride at Dungeon represents the newest generation of drop towers. It is an inside installation with a standing gondola version. It delivers a great free fall feeling without any prenoticeable movement on the gondola. The straight gondola has a capacity of 18 people. The free fall tower is equipped for the highest safety standards and has been successfully approved by CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute) in August 2018.

Ride Engineers Switzerland congratulates Shanghai Dungeon to the opening, wishes a lot of success and only visitors with smiling faces.

About Shanghai Dungeon

The Shanghai Dungeon is the first Dungeon in Asia and the 10th Dungeon Site in the world. It is a brand new 360 degree immersive actor-led attraction, which is completely unique to China, bringing ‘Scary Fun’ to life by telling stories and legends of Old Shanghai while immersing guests in ten expertly themed shows, using amazing special effects and at the very heart of it, high quality professional comedian actors. If that wasn’t enough, it also features the world’s first free standing drop ride to leave guests on a high.

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