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Orlando / Florida, USA, November 14th, 2018

First place at Brass Ring Awards ”Best New Product Concept Award: Major Ride Attraction   at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 for Ride Engineers Switzerland

Ride Engineers Switzerland wins first place at “Brass Ring Award: Best News Product Concept Award: Major Ride“ for its amusement ride concept “Stromforce 20” at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018. This award honours the best new concept attraction of the global amusement industry.

The first place of the Brass Ring award for the best new product / new concept was handed over to Ride Engineers Switzerland today during the exclusive show at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018.

“We are honoured that we have been chosen by the global industry association IAAPA for this award,” says Willy Walser, CEO and founder of Ride Engineers Switzerland. “It honours our work we at Ride Engineers Switzerland have so much passion for: build innovative rides for the amusement of the park visitors.”  Willy Walser is an industry veteran for almost 40 years. Together with his young partner Roman Rothe he founded the company “RES – Ride Engineers Switzerland” only 3 years ago with the vision to offer innovative rides to the market.

“Stormforce 20” – the unique concept of a multi-dimensional ride experience

“Stormforce 20” is a new Thrill-Ride and allows a multi-dimensional and varied riding experience. The idea was – next to the riding experience – a high capacity ride with low power consumption. The “Stormforce 20” consists of two motorized gyroscopes attached to a reversed pendulum which allows a low power consumption.

This pendulum movement can be driven simultaneously with one gondola and loaded with the other. The 24 passengers, who sit back-to-back in two rows of 12 people (per gondola), experience 360° turns in all directions, the capacity is more than 1000 people per hour. “Stormforce 20” is available as Park Version or as Travel Version.

“Stormforce 20” has been globally patented in October 2016 together with “Air Loop”, an interactive roller coaster.

Ride Engineers Switzerland is currently in discussion with customers for “Stormforce 20” – the market replied very positive to this new and innovative concept.



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