“Ride Engineers Switzerland” (“RES”) presented at the European Attractions Expo 2017 in Berlin three new, stunning concepts for theme parks. They are a continued development of the dry rides’ range and deliver a surprisingly fresh ride experience for every thrill-seeking guest. These 3 concepts allow also an easy adoption to every park theme. 

 “Stormforce 20” – the multi-dimensional pendulum with 360° turns

“Stormforce 20” tops the experience of 360° turns. Multi-dimensional thrill rides might be a known, not often realised concept. But with Stormforce 20, an additional ride movement of a pendulum is added: Two motorized gyroscopes are attached to a reversed pendulum. This ride feeling offers the experience of flowing through all dimensions of space! Patent for this ride is pending.
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“Scirocco” – a twisting, rocking and whirling ride

Imagine a car driving through the desert wind “Scirocco”: this is what this thrill ride offers. An arm lifts the gondola while it starts turning in acceleration steps. Combining twisting, rocking and whirling motions is an entirely new concept to the market of dry rides. This ride can be built as park or traveling version. Scirocco can also be easily adopted in theming: a rattle snake or a crazy downhill ski ride make this ride a unique ride also for theme parks.

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“Blizzard Version 3” – the swaying wave movement and the power of the centrifugal force

“Blizzard Version 3” is built around the hydraulic, liftable and lowerable tower with 5 arms. They lift up for a swaying wave movement. The circular gondolas attached are rotating and can swing out freely. With the centrifugal force, the swing out, offering an experience of a rotating up and down. The varied driving sequences allow to create a unique riding experience.

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