The Roller Ball family coaster by Ride Engineers Switzerland
Ride Engineers Switzerland has unveiled two unique patent-pending ride designs, the Air Loop and the Roller Ball.
Article published in Attractions Management on October, 10th. 

The company, which is a brand of WillTEC Engineering, debuted Air Loop in September, a flight-inspired ride where the guest becomes a pilot with control of his ride via wings attached to his seat. The interactive coaster can be customised in terms of track length and layout and the coaster trains can either be self-powered, pulled up by a chain lift or launched.

Meanwhile, Roller Ball is a self-contained family coaster which seats four people in three round gondolas, swinging from side to side as they travel around the 19-metre-tall zig-zag track. The ride concept is inspired by the marble run children’s toy, as the gondolas are lifted to the top of the track before snaking back down the curved route to ground level. With a ride time of 86 seconds and a dispatch interval of 46 seconds, it offers a throughput of up to 300 visitors per hour.

The small footprint Roller Ball can also be themed to any concept. Ride Engineers Switzerland will be offering test runs on the new rides from January 2017