Interactive Observation Tower

The eye catcher for your park

The interactive observation tower is a great ride for families and is an eye catcher in every park. This ride combines a smooth interactive round ride with the chance of a nice observation all over the surrounding area.

The guests can interactively drive the gondola up and down while the tower turns itself.

  • This ride can also be delivered in a non-interactive version.
  • Semi-portable versions are also available.
  • kids/family
  • thrill seekers
  • interactive

Technical data

Ride Type

Tower Ride

Ground space

6.5m x 6.4m

Total height


Falling height

Speed 5.6m/s

Number of Gondolas

1 with 2 rows

Per Gondola

Ride time 33 sec
Load / Unload 56 sec
Dispatch interval 89 sec

Theoretical capacity

728 pph

Power requirements

22 kW/ 40 A
Age limit

 6 years (1.2m) accompanied

 9 years (1.35m) unaccompanied